Yes Means Yes

New grad student Katie Russell hears a violent struggle in a student's apartment above her own. Upstairs, she discovers Ava's naked and unconscious body lying on her bed. After a young man threatens Katie and runs away, she takes Ava to a hospital for an invasive sexual assault exam. Ava's inexplicable refusal to file a complaint forces Katie to testify in a university hearing, one that results in meaningless sanctions. Outraged, Katie teams with a stalwart retired police detective in a perilous attempt to seek justice and takes a clandestine job within the police department. As she searches for another victim, one willing to testify in court, she confronts issues of Title IX, rape culture, criminal law, and a university administration that prefers sexual assault to remain secret. In the book's urgent climax, Katie is drawn into the case on a personal level, with more than justice on the line.

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Steven M. Wells is a former executive at Microsoft, who also served as the board chair of the Microsoft Alumni Foundation. His efforts have helped steer the foundation’s grants of $750,000 to Microsoft alumni and their numerous philanthropic efforts. Wells’ experience with the foundation has involved him in some of the world’s greatest challenges, including disaster relief, health-care delivery, illiteracy prevention, juvenile-incarceration advocacy, and climate-change activism. Many of these issues share a common element: they disproportionately affect women.

Wells’ educational background includes a BS in engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder, which he chose for the location of his first work of fiction, Yes Means Yes. He received an MBA from Seattle University, a degree in wine production from South Seattle Community