Grandma Honey’s Living Room

grandmahoneys-lrIn the “Destiny Has Two Grandmas” series, I’ve been busy illustrating the next book. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you might already know that. I’ve made all the characters and most of the props. For the last week or so, I’ve been building sets. Just like they do for plays and movies, I’ve been working on the walls of all the different scenes. Today, I began work on Grandma Honey’s Living Room.

Destiny and Grandma Honey talk and play together on the phone, because Grandma Honey lives in Massachusetts and Destiny in Iowa. As I was working on the sets, it is now time to work on Grandma Honey’s living room. I already have a couch, an ottoman, and a table with a light. Also, Rusty’s food and bowls are in this room. Rusty is Grandma Honey’s 5 ½ -pound Chihuahua. He hasn’t been present in other volumes of this series. Since he’s such a huge part of Grandma Honey’s life, and Destiny loves to talk to Rusty, I made the decision to bring him into the set. This means that I had to make a Rusty. And this had to be to scale, which has been some of the challenge in making everything.

Grandma Honey’s living room needs walls, but the question was what to put on the walls. I decided a window and a picture seemed appropriate. One of my friend’s, Kathy, and I were in a thrift store not long ago. We bought a nice picture to hang on the wall. I bought another one to take apart for the window. Now, I’m trying to figure out how exactly how to do that!

It’s all good when you have these ideas, but it’s certainly different when you try to put them to work. I wonder, if you’ve had that experience before? No, I’m not going to tell you what I did! You’ll have to buy the book when it comes out.

Soon! Look for “Destiny Gets Bullied!” I don’t have a release date, yet!

Put Your Press Releases on Steroids

pressrel-stSending out a Press Release is something every book author and entrepreneur (authorpreneurs) should do on a regular basis. You don’t have to wait for some earth-shattering news to send one out. People have no idea what you do, unless you tell them. There are a lot of reasons to send out a press release including:

  • New or revised book, product or service launching;
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  • Hiring a new employee or someone retiring, starting a new promotion, marking a book, product, or service milestone (reaching best-selling status or other milestone); or
  • Charitable announcements (donating book profits to a charitable project).

Isn’t a Webpage more important? Your Webpage is definitely a needed platform. The Webpage holds all the information you want potential clients or book readers to know. However, your Webpage is a stationary billboard. If no one drives by that billboard, they aren’t going to see what you do.

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Nature, Global Warming, and the Future

img_3184Driving the Kancamagus in New Hampshire, in late September, you expect the orange, red, and yellow hues to be vibrant, even neon-like. And there were places where the bright colors showed their faces. The birches stood naked while the plumage of greens and golds and orange flocked around them. The Great White and Green Mountains refused to give into global warming droughts. Their colors might not be as brilliant, but they are not ready to abandon all hope. They cling to the mountainside as if to defy a season plagued with no rain. These mountains have played host to tourists for a millennium, yet that industry was threatened by one single element: the rain and snow or rather the lack of either.

The bubbling brooks and flowing river beds look more like dry gulches after a rain. Puddles and rocks are mostly visible. The waters don’t flow where waterfalls used to cascade, instead they trickle into mud puddles. Gaia (Mother Earth) has not left the planet, although humankind has not treated her well. The emissions of gasoline-powered vehicles still far-exceed those powered from sustainable fuels. We still have more pollution from many other sources. Some people cast doubt on global warming. Our scientific communities have no doubt and proven that it’s real.

But there will be more threats to our world with global warming, strange weather patterns, droughts, and floods. While the environment saw fit to withhold it’s healing waters in New England, it also saw fit to drown some towns in the south. The Polar Caps are melting, especially the Artic. Polar Bears are at stake, and the experts are predicting the oceans will rise, which puts all coastal cities at stake.

I returned to my own parched garden and to see signs that the leaves may actually turn to something other than brown before they drop to the ground. And the cool temperatures were a breath of fresh air, as well as an entire day of moisture — rain was a bit of a stretch, but it was a day of misting. The sidewalks were wet all day, and there were signs that my garden was drinking it all down.

Another Road Less Traveled trip took us to Sudbury, Massachusetts, and to a hidden jewel: the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. While the trees in the Refuge had not begun to turn, it was nice to know this area existed. A bus full of children were somewhere on the property exploring the ponds and forest. It was nice to see that these ponds were not dried up. Maybe there was hope for nature after all!