Driving Through the Heartland of America

I’m reminded of all the wagon trains that went westward through the prairie lands, which are now divided into parcels of plowed fields full of growing corn and soybean plants! I’m reminded of Laura Ingles Wilder growing up here on the plains, living in a small house with a large barn with a milk cow, some work horses, maybe some goats or pigs, as well. How differently we live now in cities and towns with homogenized stores and restaurants and hotels. This has its perks and its detriments. Read more [...]

Asparagus and Your Book

A Day at the Asparagus Festival I cannot ever recall hearing of an Asparagus Festival! But as odd as it might sound, it was loads of fun. This took place on the Common in West Brookfield, MA, on May 21.     Joyce, Connie, and Rusty (he wasn't too keen on the whole idea of sticking his head through a hole!) peeking out the holes in a giant Asparagus! We had a bit of trouble finding it with our GPS. It could not distinguish between Brookfield, East Brookfield, North Brookfield, Read more [...]