Into the Berkshires and up to Mount Greylock

In the Universe or Mystery that some folks call God, we found the Berkshires leisurely hiding in the hills and trees and valleys of our Roads Less Traveled. We set out on this Fall Get-Away with the purpose of being in nature. It is there that our spirits are renewed. It has always been both of our recipes for spiritual renewal. It is partly what drew us to each other. We’ve known each other now for about 12 years and married for eight. It feels like we’ve always been together and yet such a Read more [...]

The Berkshires and Norman Rockwell

There is something special about a fall vacation. It is a throw-back to when the children had to go back to school, so the vacation season was greatly compressed. However, since my wife Joyce retired, we have enjoyed a wonderful vacation each fall since. Last year, we went to Lubeck, Maine, and over into Canada to Campobello Island, the summer home for the President and Eleanor Roosevelt. This year, we chose to explore the Berkshires. Although I’ve been in Maine about a dozen years, I’ve never Read more [...]

Becoming a JV Partner

A JV or Joint Venture Partner can be a lucrative opportunity for both partners. Whether your list is big or small, you can still partner with others. But just because you don’t have a big list does not mean you cannot partner with someone who has a big list. When you have a small list, partnering with people with larger lists can help you grow your list. However, if your list is small, you can also partner with other people with small lists, you’ll just need more partners. Why partner with Read more [...]

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, coach, and published author, says, "Leaders anticipate. Losers react." Which one do you want to be? Naturally, we all want to be a LEADER not a loser! So, how do we anticipate? Let's look at how that can be manifested into your business? If we anticipate, we expect or predict. We might even take action to be prepared. Be prepared for what? Being SUCCESSFUL! One easy way to move toward success is to become known as a knowledgeable person in your field. Read more [...]