Writing About Creativity in Many Genres

VBT Banner - E PalestrantGuest Post by Ellen Palestrant

Thank you Connie for hosting me on this virtual book tour celebration for the Have you Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Creativity. I look forward to interacting with your audience and welcome their comments or questions.

Because I write in more than one genre (non-fiction, fiction, fantasy, Hunch 2014 Coverpoetry and film scripts), I am often asked if there is one to which I am particularly drawn. Actually, I gravitate to all of them because each is a pathway to exploring a subject about which I am so curious - the subject of creativity.

In all of my books and scripts, I write about areas which intrigue me, be they political, societal, or psychological explorations of the world and of our lives in general. Yet, my work in seemingly diverse areas, connects, overlaps and reinforces my thoughts about the importance of creativity in our lives. That vast subject will always fascinate me.

Many of the poems, for example, in I TOUCHED A STAR IN MY DREAM LAST NIGHT, are about the creative process and one of the main themes in my fantasy-fiction, THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE ( the book and DVD), is: Creativity versus Destructivity.

My non-fiction book, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking is a broad exploration of the importance of creativity in the lives of all people. Unfortunately, there are obstacles - road blocks - which stand in the way of people and their creative potential. I identify these because they deny us access to to our hunches by shouting so loudly that they suppress our intuitive moments which are such valuable catalysts to our creativity.

If you identify these obstacles, you will clear the barriers to your creativity and listen freely to your hunches. My hunches connect me to what comes from within - and in which genre I should write in order to deliver them best to the exterior.

This feature is part of the Virtual Book Tour celebration for Ellen’s book HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creativity. Join the celebration and follow the tour.

About Ellen Palestrant

IMG_4742 - Version 3 copy 2Ellen Palestrant is a writer, artist, filmmaker, educator, game inventor, hydroponic farmer, creative conceptualizer and creativity consultant. Among her nine published books, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking is now in its Third Edition.  EllenPalestrant.com.

New Time Travel Book Can Be Read Backwards

The newest book by Science Fiction author HOWARD LORING, a collection of twelve short stories entitled TALES OF THE ELASTIC LIMIT, can be read in three ways, a fitting thing given each chapter deals with Time Travel.

Every stand-alone tale in the book chronicles significant human events that became intellectual, historical and social paradigm shifts and all can be read in any order, but taken together and read in sequence, the combined short stories are a continuous and compelling HISTORY of TIME itself.

However, as TIME is linear, TALES OF THE ELASTIC LIMIT can also be read backwards, thus demonstrating the fact, for it’s the same story from either direction and reading in sequence tells the adventure while reading from the last chapter and working forward demonstrates how the historic events came to be.

HOWARD LORING’S books are presented in an Epic Fable form of simply written narratives that together convey a larger overall meaning germane to the universal, human condition, and all deal with the ELASTIC LIMIT OF TIME, a technical term used in the books and within each title, yet the phrase is also a metaphor for the individual, human imagination.

His first two works are novels and all three are available online in book or eBook, published by PreCognitionPress.

Given TIME is ephemeral, none of HOWARD LORING’S books are sequels but they do relate and explain each other.

For further information Google Howard Loring or contact hloring@precognitionpress.com or www.facebook.com/HowardLoring

HOWARD LORING is a pen name.  Read a Review on http://weepingcherryinternationalreview.org/tales-of-the-elastic-limit-book-review/