Writing About Creativity in Many Genres

Guest Post by Ellen Palestrant Thank you Connie for hosting me on this virtual book tour celebration for the Have you Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Creativity. I look forward to interacting with your audience and welcome their comments or questions. Because I write in more than one genre (non-fiction, fiction, fantasy, poetry and film scripts), I am often asked if there is one to which I am particularly drawn. Actually, I gravitate to all of them because each is a pathway to exploring a Read more [...]

New Time Travel Book Can Be Read Backwards

The newest book by Science Fiction author HOWARD LORING, a collection of twelve short stories entitled TALES OF THE ELASTIC LIMIT, can be read in three ways, a fitting thing given each chapter deals with Time Travel. Every stand-alone tale in the book chronicles significant human events that became intellectual, historical and social paradigm shifts and all can be read in any order, but taken together and read in sequence, the combined short stories are a continuous and compelling HISTORY of TIME Read more [...]