Beta Reader

What is a Beta Reader? This can be confusing to some readers. You aren’t reading a polished manuscript, because, typically, you are reading a manuscript after a second edit, which makes it close to a final manuscript. At the point that an author has done a second edit — or it could be even a third or fourth edit — so they are ready to see what an objective reader will find. Beta Readers are those objective readers. It is not the job of a Beta Reader to pass judgement on whether the manuscript Read more [...]

Book Marketing – of the Virtual Kind!

Book Marketing used to mean packing the car with lots of books and driving all over the country to do book signings and possibly read an excerpt of your book. Now, with fewer brick and mortar book stores, taking your tour online not only makes it more affordable and doable but smarter. So what does that mean? The virtual book tour is straightforward: you travel to blogs, podcasts, teleseminars, and internet radio stations. All of the voice options are done via conference services that you call Read more [...]