Containers and Copyrights

When you eat out and have left overs, you bring home the excess food in a box. When organizing a child’s room, we often use baskets to hold all their toys. When we write, we use paragraphs to hold our sentences. And sentences are the container for words. It is useful to see words as the toys that we put into a basket. However, it is even more helpful to see how all the toys in one basket are alike or different, and how we need the diversity in each basket. For example, let’s build a sentence Read more [...]

How to Stay Motivated and On-Track as a Writer

The Focus of Publish With Connie is to meet the needs of Writers – Aspiring Writers, New Writers, and Seasoned Writers. Keeping Writers motivated and on-track as a writer is no easy task! The number one problem that writers say, “I’ve been so busy that I haven’t gotten to my writing.” The number one solution to that problem is finding an Accountability Partner or Accountability Group. Since this is the number one problem, I decided it was time that I offered a SOLUTION! And that is Read more [...]

What Does It Take to Be a Published Author?

For those who are not published, it feels like such a huge mystery. Most aspiring authors don’t know what “they don’t know,” so it makes it hard for them to ask the right questions. It takes so long to write a book, and then it takes more time to get it published. Is there any way to speed up the process? Yes. Start with something smaller than a book. Write a non-fiction article; a non-fiction story, which is more entertaining than informational; short fiction, such as a short story; poetry; Read more [...]