Tea with Eleanor

It was dank, and foggy, fall morning, when Joyce and I made the trek to Campobello Island. We drove over the bridge and checked in with the border guards. (Picture of Roosevelt Family on left. Notice that between Franklin and Eleanor on the back row, his mother, the matriarch is sitting.) As we drove into the International Park to have tea with Eleanor in her summer cottage. It is not every day that you can have tea with Eleanor Roosevelt. Alas, she had returned to her winter home! <grin> Oh, Read more [...]

Seven Reasons to Create a WordPress Website

Every Authorpreneur needs a Website, so you can develop a fan base for your books. This article does not cover why you need a Website, what you need on your Website, or how to develop an e-list (fan base). We will, however, discuss why you need a WordPress Website. The first and perhaps the most important reason for creating a WordPress Website deals with the ease of setting up a WordPress site. You do not need to know either html or css languages for developing the Website, because WordPress Read more [...]

Editing and Revising Your Book

This is always a hard process for most authors. If you are ready for copyediting, that is another discussion. What I am talking about is the process before you send it to a copyeditor. You’ve finished writing your book. What is the next step? Revision and editing is the next step. You need to make your book as good and as perfect as you can before you send it to a copyeditor. Going back through your book might mean you change a word here or there to make a bigger impact. Fix a sentence here Read more [...]

Book Ideas Don’t Grow on Trees

My Momma always told me that money doesn’t grow on trees…and it doesn’t! But as a writer, book ideas don’t grow on trees, either! Sometimes coming up with a truly stellar title can be a challenge. Some people have a lot of trouble creating book ideas. Others seem to have little problem. But the truth is that everyone is capable of developing boo ideas. What is a Book Idea? What constitutes a “Book Idea?” A “Book Idea” is a thought, plan, or suggestion about what to write. This Read more [...]

Creating Characters, Creating Fun

One of the most fun things about writing fiction is creating characters. If you’ve never created a character, you probably haven’t written fiction. If you’re new to writing fiction, you’re in for a lot of fun! A common pastime for fiction writers is people watching! If you have not watched people, try it. It’s simple. You just have to sit in a public place, like a mall or busy restaurant. It’s important that you don’t do any of these four things: Take pictures of people you see Read more [...]