Citing Sources

Short Tutorial on Citing Sources If you're using footnotes, you have to adopt a style and keep with it. If you're not footnoting, you need to give resource name, author if appropriate, and page number. What sources can you quote, you can choose your limitations. In general, you can quote short pieces from magazines and newspapers, make sure to give date of publication in these cases (example: Jan-Mar or June 23, 2014, depending on how often it is published and the name of the author, if given). What Read more [...]

Blog Hop Fun

For the last 30 days, I’ve been part of a 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge, which is part of D’vorah Lansky’s offerings at Build a Business with Your Book. D’vorah is the Book Marketing Wizard; and she has a knack of inspiring confidence in her students! I know, I’m one of her students. The Blog Hop Fun is how D’vorah built-in a way for everyone to celebrate what they learned in the Challenge. For me, I had already taken her Virtual Book Tour and Teleseminar Boot Camp, and the Author Read more [...]