New Years’ Resolution: Start Writing Book

Great! But just where to Start? No problem, I have just what you are looking for! My comprehensive Class can take you from concept to finished book in 12 sessions. I have intentionally spread them out over 12 months, because we all have busy lives. What are your benefits? Training with a seasoned book coach who has been writing and publishing independently since 1981. Comprehensive Curriculum with Workbook provided, which takes you from concept to marketing. Access to Coach Connie unlimited Read more [...]

Writing Tip: Challenge in Finishing Your Book

Perhaps, the biggest challenge in writing a book is simply staying focused enough to finish your book. It logically is not that hard, you simply schedule time in your calendar and write on the book during you allotted time slot. Well, maybe! But like everything else in life, there are always those obstacles that toss us off our pre-arranged schedule, like one of our kids getting sick, a death in the family, or we take on a new job. Perhaps, the biggest challenge in writing a book is simply Read more [...]

Networking Is Always a Good Thing

I asked Andy Heller, a professional photographer (, to Take pictures of My quilts that I had made to illustrate an up-coming book. He’s a Class act! Andy is part of my chamber network group. I Take the mission of our group to heart. It is My feeling that groups like this are in a Class by themselves. No matter where you live and work, find a chamber group. Networking with friends and trusted advisers is always a good thing. Whether you are writing your first book Read more [...]

Book Writing Timeline

When my advanced students asked me for a timeline for writing a book, I gave it a lot of thought. Naturally, when it comes to writing, each author writes at their own pace. However, like I said...I gave it a lot of thought. There is pretty much a range of time for each of the processes that your go through to write, edit, format, publish, and market your book. Because each book that you write is your pride and joy, much like giving birth, you want it to be "perfect." Well, "perfect" needs to turn Read more [...]