Illustrations – What to Do?

Illustrations - What to do? Illustrations are often places where the independent or self-published begin to panic and wring their hands, and even decide to trash their project(s). Depending on the type of book you are writing, illustrations are an integral part of your book. Knowing that, let's step back a step or two. First if all, your end product for any illustration needs to be a digital photo, which means you can scan or take pictures. It also needs to be at least 300 dpi (dpi stands for Read more [...]

How Press Releases Can Help in Book Marketing

How press releases can help in book marketing may not be obvious to those who have never written a press release. However, a well-written press release is simply a well-written article that follows a certain format. In a press release, you need to answer: who, what, where, when, why, and how. If you follow a newspaper style, you’ll put all of this in the first paragraph. If you use a storytelling formula, you’ll answer all those questions, but in a more entertaining manner. Your first sentence Read more [...]

How to Hone Your Writing with a Critique Group

By Gina Akao 7/12/13 Guest Post Are you looking for a sure-fire way to become a better writer? Join a critique group! Here is a brief list of benefits you will gain: If your critique group meets regularly (such as every two weeks like mine), you will write more often, and more consistently You will learn how to give and receive constructive criticism You will have free access to excellent proofreaders You will receive encouragement when you are down You will avoid writer’s block Read more [...]

Using Press Releases to Kick off Your Book Marketing

When you begin marketing your book, it would be easy to overlook a method that has been used as a way of announcing an event since newspapers came into being: the Press Release. In this new technology driven world in which we live, the Press Release is not dead. It is a vital part of the “Kick Off” of a book marketing plan. As the first thing that you send out, the Press Release should explain what a Virtual Book Tour is, because most people don’t know what it is. The Virtual Book Tour is Read more [...]